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Welcome To The JSD Family

Here are a few things you need to know!


1. Combo1 & Combo2 students need to come to class wearing

their black tap shoes. Students should bring pink ballet shoes

in a tote bag.


2. Put student’s name in all shoes and on bag.


3. All students should do a bathroom check before class begins.


4. All students must wear hair out of face and off shoulders.

5. No parents, siblings, or friends are allowed in the classrooms.

Teachers will help students enter and exit the class.

Time and space is limited and we want to ensure all students

get the most of each class!


6. Tuition payments are due the first class of each month.

After the 15th there will be a $10.00 late fee added

to your account balance. Payments may be made

online at,


by mail at JSD PO Box 533 Grove Hill, AL 36451,

or in the studio lobby (if no one is at the desk you may

drop payments in the payment box in the lobby). 

We accept Cash, Credit, & Check.


7. No gum, snacks, or drinks are allowed in class.

The only exception is for students that will be

at the studio for 2-3 hours consecutive.

(breaks will be given between classes)


8. If a student is injured or doesn’t feel well, but is not contagious.

The staff encourages them to observe class.

This way they will not miss out on core class content.


9. We expect students to be courteous to

fellow classmates, instructors, and student helpers.


10. As a Dance Parent if you have questions or concerns,

please address them with the main instructor of your class

and/or the studio owner between classes.


11. The JSD instructors are dedicated to giving each student

a well rounded dance education. They are managing the class

time from the minute the first student walks in until the last is picked up.

Please respect the dedication to your child and all

students by the instructors. Only in emergencies should

anyone enter the classroom during the class time.


12. Notes are sent out regularly!

Please read all notes carefully and

check Remind, facebook, website, and instagram!


13. The studio will be closed for the following holidays only:


The Week of Thanksgiving

The week of Christmas

The week of New Years

The week of Clarke County School System Spring Break

14. April and May tuition are due during the month of April.

15. Tuition is not prorated by week.

Tuition is priced per month as installmets for a full 9 month dance season. 

Refunds cannot be given for

registration fee, tuition, costumes, etc...

16. The end of the dance season show is scheduled for the Saturday before Mother's Day.

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